I had been on the fence about talking with a coach for a while.

Deep down I knew one could help, but at the same time I held the mildly presumptuous thought of "I already know everything that they're going to talk about."

I thought I was self-aware enough to already know everything that was happening inside my head.

And the fact that hundreds of 22 year old 'life coaches' have popped up out of nowhere, didn't exactly give me the confidence that I would find someone worth talking to.

But earlier this month I was feeling stuck.

I was too deep inside my own head.

So I decided now could be a good time to test a coach out in a super low-committal way.

Finding a Coach

A Facebook group I'm in (Millennial Entrepreneur Community) sometimes has a thread called "#20chat", where you post your area of expertise along with the area you're most looking to get help in.

You then pick someone on the thread you want to do a 40 min Skype call with and do a quick exchange of services.

I saw someone post that they were a psychology-based business coach, so I thought "you know what sure, I'll try it out."

The call ended up being an hour and a half, and was actually quite helpful.

For me, the real value came from them asking me the questions that other people don't - and digging into the details.

Like reeeallly digging into them.

These were questions that I had already thought about countless times in my head, but once I had to convert them from thoughts into words... it literally made me sweat in my gym shorts and athletic tee.

I was sweating because my answers were so unclear, I knew I was sounding like an idiot.

And then when you realize that this is a direct translation of what's going on in your brain, it becomes crystal clear that this is an area you don't quite have sorted out like you thought.

So is talking to a coach a good idea?

I think if you're feeling stuck, talking to a coach is definitely worthwhile.

Even if you're on a budget and would rather keep it low-key, it's worth sitting down with someone and asking each other the hard questions - and getting into the essence of each one.

This of course depends on the area you're looking to get 'unstuck' in, but the line of questioning might go something like:

What do you do? Why do you do it? Who do you do it for? Do you like doing it for them? Why do you like doing it for them? Why does X feel good to you? Do you feel this way in anything else you do?

Anywhere there is a point of friction, you keep digging deeper and deeper until you get to the root.

Kinda like that annoying kid on the bus who would ask "why" to everything you said...

Except this doesn't make you want to blow your brains out 🙂

My Personal Takeaways

Just to share, some of my personal takeaways from the session were:

  • I need to figure out WHO is the type of person I'd be passionate to help
  • I'm currently playing it safe, and not making myself vulnerable enough (which is perfectly fine, but does not align with my goals)
  • I need to satisfy my desire to travel and experience more before I can 'unlock the next level'

How To Find Your Own Coach

If you have also been sitting on the fence, and this article did anything to tip you over, the next step is finding a coach.

You'll want to find someone who specializes in dealing with the challenges you're facing.

For example, if it's mindset you're struggling with, you'll want to look towards a psychology-based coach who can help you get over those mental hurdles.

If you need help executing on your business idea, you'll want to find someone who's found success in the industry before.

If you're looking to move up in your career, you'll want to find someone who has gone through the process of getting to where you want to be.

Finding one of these coaches actually isn't too difficult. You can:

  • Do a Google search
  • Search inside a Facebook group that's relevant to your niche
  • Make a post in that group asking for recommendations
  • Take a look on Instagram

Coaches often publish quite a bit of content on their social channels, so you should be able to get a good feel for their personality and approach pretty quickly.

If you find someone you like, ask to set up an initial 30-min discovery call, just to make sure it's the perfect fit.


Anyways, I hope this article provided some insight on why to look for a coach, when to look for one, and how to find them.

And if you've already been working with one, I would love to hear in the comments section below how your experience has been so far.

Thanks for reading!