Every year I set 4-5 New Years' resolutions for myself, and every year I'm lucky if I accomplish even just half of them.

In fact, I can barely remember what they are by the time February rolls around.

Sound familiar?

Resolutions can be good at setting a general direction for yourself, but the issue is that they don't come with any sense of urgency.

'By next year' is just way too far out for it to have any impact on your day-to-day life.

Something I've been trying the past couple years is setting goals to complete by New Years.

Earn an additional $X income by Jan 1. Read 2 books by Jan 1.

I'll usually set these goals 2-4 months beforehand so that it's early enough to be able to set significant goals, but late enough that I feel the pressure of each day going by.

Given that today is the first day of November, now is an amazing time to establish some last minute goals for yourself and end the year off strong.

What do you want to accomplish by Jan 1?