I have a question for you – and you need to be honest.

What is the one thing you would love to be building right now?

Take a second to think about it. Is there an idea that comes to mind?

A fitness blog, a personal development podcast, a new line of shoe accessories, or an app that revolutionizes an industry?

Is there an idea that you’ve been sitting on for months now?

You might have even made the first steps in putting it into motion.

Yet for most people, the story doesn’t end too well. It fizzled out for no reason, or you got too busy with other things and haven’t had a chance to put any work into it since.

You know creating this would mean a lot to you, but there always seems something standing in the way.

Fortunately, the problem is pretty easily identifiable:

We get stuck striving for perfection.

We want to build our grand idea to exactly the level we envision it. Our castle needs to have the draw-bridge and moat and golden carpets before we invite anyone over.

We feel as though this is our one shot, and we don’t want to blow it.

How many times has this happened to you -

You start off by brainstorming the company name; mixing and matching words until you’ve hit that perfect combination.

SunTro. TroSun. Introsun. Electrosun. Nah.

Then you spend a month sketching up the right logo, making sure it embraces everything you stand for and that it doesn’t look out of place beside the likes of Apple and Tesla.

Then you map out every step that needs to be completed between now and when you launch our idea to the world.

Boy are there a lot of steps.

We do all these things to feed our vision, but rarely do they truly progress us forward. We do the 80% that provides 20% of the results.

I know it’s hard to avoid this. I get caught by this all the time.

We want to come out on day 1 and make a splash.

But the person who comes out trying to make the biggest splash rarely wins. They either cannonball and hit straight cement, or build up such a runway for themselves that they actually lose sight of the pool completely.

We need to learn to simplify things.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late."

- Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder

The easiest way around this is to ask yourself - what is the absolute simplest form of what I'm trying to accomplish?

If you’re creating a blog, maybe you start on Medium instead. If you’re creating an app, maybe you create a video mockup and build a list of people who are anxious for it to come out. If you’re creating a comprehensive course, maybe you start with a small section and upload it to Udemy to gauge interest.

While these may not even be close to what you've built up inside your head, they put you into the water.

It's an easier way to fully commit (and start building habits), and it allows you to test out your idea on a smaller scale before you spend all the time and money to build your castle.

So let's bring it all back together. I want to hear from you.

What is the one thing you would really love to be building right now, and how can you create it in its simplest form?

Leave your answer in the comments section below!


This article was originally published on one of my other sites, Can't Wait Till Monday.