Yesterday might've been the worst day I've had since leaving my job 3 months ago.

I caught myself sitting on my living room couch upside down, feet up, and staring blankly into the brushed ceiling.

My only fear at the moment was that the mail lady might walk by at that exact time, and wonder what the f&*k I was doing at 3:19pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

To be honest, I'm still not really sure what I was doing. I had a hundred things on my plate, and this definitely wasn't one of them.

This wasn't part of the plan.

But the real kicker is that no less than 24 hours before, I told myself that I was going to absolutely crush this week. Like Gary Vee cruuuuuuuush it.

I had just come back from a week long vacation visiting the towered blocks of London, where I refused to glance at my laptop in an attempt to disconnect for a bit.

Feeling 3 parts refreshed and 1 part hungover, I was ready to come back and be a machine.

Yet for some reason, the opposite happened.

When the usual feeling of 'wtf am I doing maybe I am not going to make it' set in, I thought about why this was happening.

And then a sense of relief blew over as if every window in the house had suddenly swung open.

I realized that even though I had come back with a clear frame of mind, I had lost all momentum.

Motivation is great - it's like lighting a match on fire, but it quickly burns out. Momentum is adding the newspaper, then the chopped wood, then pouring the gasoline.

Momentum really is the secret.

The best part - momentum is easy, and always starts small. As small as writing a 300 word 'from-the-head' blog post.

Bring it on Thursday.