Well, that was a fun run.

After 14 years, is officially shutting down.

Truth be told this forum has actually been dead for a while now (rest in peace, forums).

But our custom Jaromir Jagr signatures and Invision Power Board shoutbox persevered, blessing the internet archives and countless spam bots with their gloriful presence.

I'm finally cutting ties with the hosting company I signed up for in high school though, and as such, it made sense to let SportsGFX ride off into the sunset.

It's a bittersweet moment, as just looking through the forums reminded me of how many amazing and talented contributors we once had.

At the same time, the support from the SportsGFX community is really what helped me develop my career as a web creator.

I'm not sure who would still be reading this, but if you are, I just wanted to say thanks for being part of something special. I hope it left some kind of impact on you too.

Feel free to reach out whenever.

Signing off,
Sunny Trochaniak